No Such Thing


By Ashley Gunter

Being a so called “advocate” for the Houston music scene is suppose to mean that I have to have some sort of hate towards Austin right? Wrong! No Such Thing is technically from Austin but in my heart I truly believe they are meant for me and Houston. Houston’s music scene is perfect this band that includes: Ryan Hegefeld with vocals, Corbin Lanmon on bass, Johnny Mike on guitar, Michael Alexander on drums and Dan Snell on Keys. A little birdie told me that Austin has become too “indie” and these guys are somewhat “outcasts” with their blend of rock. I firmly believe Austin is lucky to have them and I would gladly kidnap them in a heartbeat.

I first met these guys at a little event called Uproar Festival. Honestly, I had never heard of them and I didn’t hear them at the festival but was lucky enough to meet and interview them. As a bonus, I received a free cd. As soon as I was diving home I decided to actually listen to what they had to offer. What I found is that they freakin rock!!!!. Each person has a certain type of music they tend gravitate to. No Such Thing has that power that can draw you in, no matter how hard or how soft you want to rock. Each song on “This One’s For You” has the exact amount of muscle for anyone. As you listen to their cd u will automatically notice each song as the right amount of power in each song. The whole cd is like a wavelength to me. Ironic, I know but each song gives you the feeling of a roller coaster ride that u don’t want to get off of. The songs tease you in a sense. You keep waiting for them to just rip it up and just go crazy. In some songs they do but you have to keep listening for it and when you hear it, you feel a release of complete satisfaction.

Surprisingly, my favorite song on the cd is “Oceans”. This song is one of the slowest songs on the cd. The song is just beautifully written and a perfect example of the roller coaster ride that I will keep paying to ride. Just because I have a favorite, doesn’t mean there is one single song I dislike because, well, I am obsessed with every song which is so damn hard to find these days. When people actually went to go buy cd’s, it would suck when the cd only had one or two decent songs on it. “This One’s For You” isn’t that cd. It isn’t that cd you barely jam in the car either. Every time I listen to it, for some reason I have to crank up my radio and completely embarrass myself with singing out loud in my car. Its just better when its blasting out of my speakers.

Now Houston was recently blessed to have these guys in town for a show, alongside my guilty pleasure band, Versecity. I, of course, was in attendance and let me tell you that seeing No Such Thing live should be on your bucket list. Too many bands get exposed when they do live shows. When I say exposed, I don’t mean the good kind. Every song I heard live basically sounded like what I hear when I’m in my car. That is ridiculous and so awesome at the same time. I am def honored to have found out about this band and will continue to see them every time they come to Houston. If only I could come up with a plan to make them stay here? I will work on that idea while you go check out their cd. It’s a gift from them to you that u will admire, love and respect. So please check out there music on facebook, reverbnation and wherever you can and beg these guys to come back to Houston. Tell them Ashley Gunter sent ya!

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